1.What is anti-fire safe design ?

                                       When the trunnion  ball  valve be used normally,its sealed by seat and ball surface,seat retainer  sealed  by O-ring and body,this is soft sealed  and  reliable  sealing . When the seat and O-ring are burnt,the seat retainer and body will be sealed by expanded graphite.Thus act anti-fire safepurpose .

2.What is anti-static device ?

                                        In order to prevent friction among ball,stem and PTFE that generates static electricity which may light the combustibles and explosives that cause an accident,in this ball valve,static-conduction springis  set  between  the  stem  and  the  ball ,the  stem and the body.Thus static electricity is conducted to ground and system safety is secured.

3.What is automatic body cavity relief ?

                                        When the body pressure going up un-normally as the unstable factor,the trunnion ball valve downstream seat will be pushed by un-normally pressure,and then release the un-normally pressure automatically,it does not damage to the sealing of upstream seat.The unnormal pressure which in the floating ball valve body will release the pressure into the upstream pipe directly,it doesn't damage to the sealing of the downstream seat.

4.What is Emergency sealing ?

    Compound injection holes are designed and compound injection valves are installed at locations of stem/cap and body support of side valve.When sealing of stem or seat is damaged to induce leakage,the compound can be used to do the second time sealing.A concealed check valve is installed in side of each compound injection valve to prevent compound from outflowing due to the action of transmitter substance.The top of the compound injection valve is the connector for fast connection with compound injection gun.  

5.What is double block&bleed(DBB) design ?

                           When ball is full open or close position,the transmitter substance in center cavity of body can be released by drainage and emptying devices.In addition,the over loaded pressure in the center cavity of valve canbe released to low pressure end by self relief seat. 

6. How about the underground ball valve feature ?

                               For the underground installed valve,the stem can be lengthened and for the convenience of operation the corresponding compound injection nozzle and drainage valve can be extended to the top of valve.

7. What is your blow-out proof stem design?

                                       For the purpose of preventing the stem from flying offresulting in abnormal rising of the inner pressure of valve,shoulder is fixed at the lower part of the stem.In addition,in order to prevent leakage resulting from burnout of packing set of the stem in a fire,thrust bearing is set at the contact position of the shoulder at lower part of the stem and valve body.Thus an inverse seal seat is formed which will prevent leakage and avoid accident.

8.What is oviko top entry ball valve feature ?

                                        OVIKO TOP ENTRY BALL VALVE is mainly used in pipeline and industry systemand it has a top entry and on line maintenance function.It has a lot of advantages,such as small fluid resistance,simple structure,small volume,light weight,reliable saaling,convenience for operation and maintenance,open and close quickly,as well as start and close flexibly.Its most difference from common ball valve is that its maintenance can be made on pipe line and without dismounting from the pipe line.The back space seat structure is adopted for the seat and the rearportion of seat retainer is oblique angle to prevent accumulation of impurityfrom affecting back space of seat

9. What is Oviko V type ball valve feature ?

    Oviko V port ballvalve can be applied for the fluid containing fibers,the high-viscosity fluid containing solid particles,the special fluid control and flow regulating,it can also beused as the isolating valve for its reliable sealing.It is widely employed in chemical industry,paper-making,petroleum,electric power,etc.It has excellent performance.The ball is of "V"pattern.At any position from full open to full close,it always keeps the standard geometry.The large adjustable extent is from 100:1 to 200:1,the CV curve of discharge characteristic is similar to the percentage curve,which may realizethe precise control of the flow.